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    Why a student or parents choose DI INSTITUTE for IIT JEE Main, JEE Advanced, NEET, NTSC,KVPY, Olympiads and Foundation (VI/VII/VIII/ IX/ X/ XI/ XII) over other institutes?

    Why a student or parents choose DI INSTITUTE for IIT JEE Main, JEE Advanced, NEET, NTSC,KVPY, Olympiads and Foundation (VI/VII/VIII/ IX/ X/ XI/ XII) over other institutes?

    Impeccable Administration: Strict administration and discipline for everyone including teachers, students and admin staffs.

    Highly Qualified & Trained Faculty: Highly experienced as well as young & talented faculties are recruited with relevant experience in teaching, which are qualified from the central universities, top institutes like the IITs, NITs, and from other reputed institutes. .

    Unmatched Results Track record: DI INSTITUTE has been consistently producing top ranks every year in various Medical Entrance Exams like NEET, AIIMS, in Engineering Entrance Exams like JEE (Main+ Advanced), BITSAT, etc and key Foundations level competitive exams KVPY, NTSE,IMO, IPhO, exams etc. .

    Relevant Study Material and Test Papers: Every student is given relevant study material and test papers specifically designed by subject experts on the basis of the latest examination pattern of ,IIT JEE (Main+Advanced),NEET,NTSC,KVPY, Olympiads and Foundation (VI/VII/VIII/ IX/ X/ XI/ XII)

    Competitive Environment: Highly competitive environment motivates students to a focused learning approach that brings best results

    Special Classes: These classes help average students to attain the essential level required to crack the National Level Entrance Exams like NTSE & KVPY by sharpening their IQs.

    Excellence in National & State level exams & boards: DI has been instrumental in providing expert mentoring and guidance to students, thereby producing outstanding results in IIT JEE, NEET, AIIMS & Board every year.

    Powerful Testing System: Tests are conducted regularly and the results are sent to the students and parents through SMS and E-mail.

    Doubt Clearing Classes: Extra time is devoted to doubt classes where students can clarify their doubts on any topic from the respective subject teachers.

    Adequate Library Facility: The library at our centres provides students with a vast pool of books and resources to choose from.

    Daily Attendance Monitoring: Every student is issued an identity card which not only gives them an access to their institute but also marks their attendance for the day. In case of any absence, the parents are informed via SMS.

    Monthly Performance Report (MPR): This enables parents as well as students to track their progress and help them improve their performance.

    Revision Classes: These classes serve as a catalyst in strengthening the confidence of weak, non-serious and shy students along with the toppers.

    Professionally Run Organization: It is a hub for entrepreneurs and not a bunch of employees because everyone owns their role & responsibilities to deliver the best performance.

    Faculty at DI INSTITUTE

    The basic structure of the Institute is firmly built on a highly professional faculty comprising of a perfect blend of IITians, Engineers, Doctors, PhDs, MScs, eminent academicians and proven experts of respective subjects. Faculty members, who are working with DI INSTITUTE have been selected and trained properly to make them confident enough for efficient teaching.

    The teachers at DI INSTITUTE are its real assets. They are the specialists in their subjects. Being the torchbearers, they feel that success is not the exclusive domain of a chosen few; in fact, every student has the potential to succeed, and this has to be brought to the forefront through the sustained hard work of the student and the appropriate guidance. The magnificence of a pearl can only be appreciated when it has been prized out of the oyster and polished to perfection.

    Our students are excelling largely due to the faculty’s unique teaching methodology, commitment and dedication. Under their guidance, if a student secures below than average marks in the tests, the faculty finds out why and plays a role of a mentor and a guide to them so that they can improve. All doubts of students are cleared and concepts are made crystal clear to them.


    Our unique teaching methodology & concept proves us the best Institute for IIT JEE( Main +Advanced) and NEET, AIIMS.

    Classroom Teaching – The Core: Whatever the pattern may be, whatever the exam may be, competitive exams try to judge the analytical ability and understanding of fundamentals of the aspirants. Students having strong fundamentals with persistence practice always outperform the students who confine their preparations to exam patterns.

    Integrated Study Material: Our ‘Study Material’ is conceptually designed, which caters to the JEE Main, JEE Advanced, NEET, NTSE, KVPY competitive exams as well as Board. It is a perfect blend of information, analysis, and focused inputs that ensure success.

    Trained & Competent Faculty: We recruit IITians, Doctors, Engineers teachers who are experienced and specialists in their subjects.

    Effective Time Management: Entire syllabus is covered extensively and completed well in time, thereby saving sufficient time for revision, tests and doubt clearing sessions. This effective time management technique is conducive to students and helps improve their score.

    Doubt Clearing Sessions: These sessions aim to make all the concepts crystal clear to each and every student, thereby leaving no room for any doubt. Specific arrangement of subject-wise efficient teachers facilitate the students and encourage them to ask problems and difficulties faced by them.

    Awards & Medals: In DI INSTITUTE, who secure Top Ranks in National level Medical & Engineering Entrance Exams like NEET, AIIMS, JEE Main, JEE Advanced, NTSE, KVPY, IPhO,SOF Olympiads, Silverzone Olympiads, NSE, NSTSE are awarded. Along with them, outperforming teachers and other employees are also awarded.

    Regular Motivational Sessions – Stay at your best: Conquering any major uphill task in one’s life start with self-confidence, believing in own abilities and having faith in hard-working capabilities. Once you start believing, half task is already done. To get best possible outcome, it is necessary to stay energized.

    Salient features of DI INSTITUTE

    Every year study plans, test schedules, periodic reviews and even parent-teacher-meetings are planned well in advance for the upcoming academic year.

    The system is transparent and parents can easily keep a track of their wards’ performance and attendance in the class. If a student doesn’t turn up for a class, the parents receive an SMS about the same.

    The feedback system works very well not just for the students but also for all the staff members.

    Every element, right from the selection of faculty members to course scheduling, day to day administration, student as well as staff management and study research are according to the time-tested system followed at DI INSTITUTE

    If DI INSTITUTE has been able to produce wonderful results year after year in IIT JEE Main, JEE Advanced, NEET, AIIMS, NTSE, KVPY and continue to grow at the same time, it is because of the DI Team & Development system, which keeps pace with any changes that takes place related to the curriculum or exam pattern.

    In case of any grievance, parents and students can write to the CEO directly.

    Online Username & Password Asses

    Each student is given a user name and password at time of admission. If a student wishes to, he/she may give online chapter-wise tests, phase tests of multiple choice nature instead of traditional pen and paper style. By this students get accustomed to online examinations and it helps them during real online competitive examinations


    We provide hostel facilities for the students coming in from various corners of the country. We have separate hostel for boys & girls with limited seats. These seats are filled on first come first serve basis. Students are advised to apply for hostel if they need, as soon as they take admission for any of our courses.


    The library offers a variety of information sources from textbooks, weekly magazines, newspapers and previous year papers. The books are issued to students on returnable basis after submission of security money.


    We also provide cab facility for selected areas in close vicinity on chargeable basis.

    Infrastructure at DI INSTITUTE helps in providing high-quality Education to our students.

    Our infrastructure is equipped with biometric attendance system, fully air-conditioned class rooms, redundant power back-ups, carrier class Internet connectivity, library and recreational facilities.

    Admin staff supervises the Academic operations, Time-tables & class schedules, Infrastructure maintenance, Food & parking facilities, Cleanliness, Public relations and Security at the campus.

    Strict security is ensured at the centres for the safety of Students, Visitors, Employees and Centre’s property.

    All classrooms are well-equipped with Air conditioners and ample lighting for the comfort of the students. In additions, all classrooms are designed to be spacious and well-ventilated, fitted with white/green board, microphone and sound system.

    There is a provision of Library at each centre to keep students up-to-date with the latest information. It offers students with a wide range of books and resources to choose from.